Ron Splatkinburger's Slightly Daft Book of Poetry

Splatkinburger's Alphabet


A was an accident,

The nightmare was scary.

B was for blimey,

I trod on a fairy!


C was for crikey!

His friends have arrived.

D was for drat!

When for cover I dived!


E was escape!

As I ran like a horse.

F for the fairies

Who chased me, of course.


G was for grrrrrrr!

They had a dog too.

H was for hell

Of a Hullabaloo!


I was idea,

And I thought of one quickly.

J was for jam,

This plan was so sickly!


K was for kindness

Not seen on that day.

L was for laughter,

Jam laid in their way.


M was for mad!

When the fairies got stuck.

N was for nutters!

They ran out of luck.


O was for oops!

They were glued to the path.

P was for pity!

They needed a bath.


Q was for quickly

They shouted for rain

R was ridiculous!

They'd drown in the drain.


S was for silly!

That's just how it seemed.

T was for tempers,

They screamed and they screamed!


U was for ugly!

The jam was so thick.

V was for vomit,

It made them all sick.


W was why?

Why were they so daft.

X was in eXit,

I ran off and laughed!


Y was yahoo!

They didn't catch me.

Z was for zzzzzz!

I'm dreaming, you see!




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