Austin Griffiths (Dr G./A. O. Griffiths)

Lecturer in Education Studies at De Montfort University...Lives: Coventry.....Hobbies: music (classical/jazz/world), sport, playing jazz piano...Favourite Poets: T. S. Eliot, ...Favourite Composers: Beethoven, Telemann, Bach, Stravinsky, Duke Ellington...Favourite Food: Curry...Football team: AFC Wimbledon...Dislikes: pointless noise...Collects: Odd musical instruments...Causes...Amnesty international...Favourite Place: Shropshire...Favourite TV: Football, Yes Minister, Dad's Army...Best Holiday: Wales...Education: BA, Durham, 1977-80, PGCE Bristol 1984, MA BCU 2008, PhD Warwick 2015



Nicholas Gott

Nicholas Gott was a pupil at Bishopsford Community School in Morden. He is in year 8. He enjoys Computer work and has a poem in the Miscellany Shop




Pete Crowther

'I'm a retired university librarian, happily married, and living with my wife in a cottage within sight of the lighthouse at Spurn Point and views of the sea on one side (two fields away) and the Humber estuary on the other. I have only taken up trying to write poetry in the last two years but get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Before that my only connexion with the world of poetry was working for Philip Larkin for some 13 years. As far as I remember I never discussed poetry with him, but in retrospect I wish I had!'


Charmaine Clark

It's been a long hard road. Maybe you don't know me, but if I had my book of poetry published and purchased by yourself, you would understand me a lot more. I have a severe physical disability, which has created a very interesting life. However, this life has been more than a bit challenging, particularly over the last few years, as the nature of my disability is progressive. My poetry writing has been growing since I was fourteen years old, it has gone through different stages of development. But I feel the underlying feelings of nature and mans exploitation of our surrounds and created environments has not changed. I'm 55 years old and I am convinced that I will be around for a lot longer, if I had more people who believed in me and the world would stop being so greedy. I would like a lot of things to happen, not just for me, but for the human race in general, but I think on the whole ‘the give has gone'.

Rosie Cartwright

'I am  12 years old and have written about 30 poems,1 of which has been published. I usually submit different poems for different competitions and if there is a subjectI write about it. I am hoping top get my work published soon. I hope you enjoy reading it

Peter M A Smith

I am an archaeologist living in West Somerset , UK