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Sporting Life



The Nonet and the Rictameter both have 9 lines.

The Nonet has 9 syllables in line one, then reducing by one syllable each line, until line nine is just one syllable.

The Rictameter has a different syllable pattern. Lines 1 - 9 have the following number of syllables:


The first and last lines are the same.

There are no rules about rhyme for either form.

To find a Rictameter click on the list below:

Bad Hair


Bad Hair

Bad hair,

Clogs the bath plug,

Lurks in the cafe beans,

Tangles, twists, and showers dandruff,

Provides a landing place for pigeon drops,

A new-shampoo-disaster day,

Ginger, black, blond or grey,

How people stare,

Bad hair.



Sporting Life

Football is the greatest game of all,

Cricket is sublime in summer,

Racing is the sport of kings,

But Royalty play cards,

Tennis is all balls,

Rugby teams smell,

Fishing is