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Pint of Beer



The Diamante is a 7 line poem in the shape of a diamond. The first and last lines have one word, with the middle line being the longest. Often the first word and the last word are opposites. This is a typical form:

Line 1: 1 word - the theme

Line2: 2 adjectives about line 1

Line 3: 3 verbs about line 1

Line 4: 2 nouns about line 1, 2 nouns about line 7

Line 5: 3 verbs about line 7

Line 6: 2 adjectives about line 7

Line 7: opposite theme

Cinquain can mean any 5 line verse. However it also describes a diamond form similar to the Diamante. But the rules for the Cinquain are less strict.

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Dodgy Doughnut

Pint of Beer


Expectant, amber,

Flowing, relaxing, caressing,

Liquid, gold, glass, cold,

Flowing, slipping, disappearing,

Lost, departed,



Dodgy Doughnut

At last,

I bite with joy,

This soft, tremendous, jammy doughnut,

See half a maggot,