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Posh Spice

Dog Epigram


Named after it's inventor, the Clerihew has given Edward Clerihew Bentley a small niche in the history of literature. Bentley, born in 1875, invented the Clerihew when still a teenager. As an adult he wrote detective stories and articles for The Daily Telegraph.

The Clerihew is 4 lines long, with aabb rhymes, and always about a person (or possibly an animal). The first line always ends with the name of the subject. There are no rules about metre. They should be fun.

An Epigram is a short, clever verse or saying - 2 or 4 lines. They can be funny, but don't have to be. Often they have a folky sort of wisdom

Posh Spice Clerihew

A singer with lips called Posh Spice,

Married Footballer David - quite nice.

In Spain where he once scored the winner

She kissed him all over for dinner.



Dog Epigram

Dogs eat meat,

Don't let one suck your feet.