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Elegy for Lost Ideals


The Elegy is formal in nature. It is usually rather sombre, often lamenting loss, death, or spurned love. Commonly, an Elegy has a pastoral setting. The Elegy is not for those seeking fun. However it can be therapeutic, thought provoking, and excellent for hair-shirt wearing aesthetes.


Elegy for Lost Ideals

When we were young and sat at school,

The stories that the teachers read

Would hold a prince and a princess,

With crowns, ideals, upon their heads.


The ends were happy in this store

Of marriages and big-eyed love,

Communion, bright and without flaw,

Blessed by the God that lurked above.


And now, grown older, I observe

The hard-edged world of everyday,

I find the fairy-tale absurd

Without betrayal and decay.


The breaking of the childhood dreams,

I see the couples with charades,

The faces are not those of queens,

And princes but in tales of bards.